HL Strategy was created with an entrepreneurial spirit and simple objective:

to work on things that interest us, with people we like.

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Our work is meaningful.

We are involved in strategy and communications surrounding the most pressing challenges and issues facing our state, region and beyond.

Across manufacturing, natural resources, commercial real estate and beyond, we connect people and ideas around important topics such as affordability, sustainability and talent.

When it comes to integrated marketing communications,

we can do just about anything.

We adjust to our environment and bring the right resources at the right time to do whatever needs to be done — whether that is serving as a totally outsourced solution for marketing communications, being an extension of a team or managing individual projects.

Curiosity drives our passion.

We seek to understand our clients’ challenges and how we can help.

We’ve helped a six billion-dollar corporate client develop a comprehensive sustainability strategy, created a talent brand to help a leading manufacturer recruit new employees and planned engaging conferences for hundreds of participants. It is some of the most creative, interesting stuff that you could do but our approach isn’t complicated — we simply work on interesting things with people we like.

We don’t have titles, egos or fancy offices –

we have trusted advisors.

Howard Lalli

Allison Boaz

Stand in your customer's shoes.

Amanda Rollins

Great work is always made better by a positive attitude and good intentions.

Amy Adams

Some of the hardest moments in life can be made into teaching moments.

Anne Oller

Stay true to your "why" ... it inspires every thought, decision, and action.

Becca Brett Leish

Make it happen.

Brian Fitch

Have fun, have passion.

Charity Johnson

I will do my best. No one can ask more. I won't be satisfied with less.

Chrissie Gallentine

If it's been done before, let's think bigger.

Christina Honkonen

People are everything.

Dana Hartline

Dawn Zarimba

Just because you can do something doesn't mean you should.

Dori Mendel

Change is inevitable. Growth is optional.

Gail Rymer

Be passionate every day about life, work and the people you serve.

Gary McCormick

Always leave things better than you found them.

Grace Trimble

Do interesting work with interesting people.

Heather Robinson

Write a good plan. Work the plan.

Jaime Griffon

Work together. Win together.

Jennifer Jezyk

Jo Hodges

Relationships matter. Nurture them.

Kathi Roberts

In order to be interesting, you have to be interested.

Kaycee Rogers

Curiosity trumps conformity.

Kelly Andrews

Lauren Mross

Live less out of habit and more out of intention.

Mia Kishel

Approach new ideas with knowledge, imagination, and initiative.

Patty Gregory

People much prefer to talk rather than listen. That's why it's so important to listen.

Rachel Simon

Be authentic and add value.

Rachel Wallenstein

Live gratitude. Take action steps.

Rebecca Treacy-Lenda

Do good work with good people.

Robin Deutsch Edwards

There is incredible power in collaboration, diversity of perspectives and trying something new.

Shannon Darke

Sherry Crawley

Everyone has a story. Find the courage to share yours.

Stephanie Libby


Susan Bernstein

Always take the time to ask your customers or audience what they really think.


Every relationship starts with a conversation.

Let’s talk.