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Specifically, Two Key Philosophies Drive Success for HL Strategy Clients.

Identify Your Goal

Clients often approach us to help with a specific tactic like social media, podcasting, or media relations. Our team excels in each of those areas and the work we do may very well include those tactics, but our clients ultimately value the way we guide them to first identify their objective. Do you want to pass an ordinance? Improve your company’s reputation? Raise money? Once we understand your overall goal, we can recommend the best way for you to achieve it.

Prioritize Your Audience

Everything we do as marketers and communicators is ultimately in service of our client’s brand. And while we will get to know your brand inside and out, our efforts are only successful when we also intimately understand your brand’s audience and the experience that audience will have with the content we create. 

For example, email can be an effective and powerful marketing tool, but is email the best way to reach your audience and accomplish your goal? If so, how many emails will elicit a positive response? What day and time is your audience most likely to purchase, donate, or share? What does your audience need to know to take action?

Understanding Your Audience and Clarifying Your Goal Maximizes the Impact of the Strategy and Tactics We Recommend.

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