Sustainability Reporting

Stand Out with a Strategic Approach to Sustainability Reporting

Whether investor expectations, the competition for talent, scrutiny from regulators or advocates, or other stakeholder interests catalyze your interest in sustainability reporting, finding the path to get started can be confusing and overwhelming. That’s why we provide a customized approach that is unique to your business. Whether you’ve been reporting for years and seek fresh ideas, or other new challenges have arisen, we are here to help.

HL Strategy helps develop sustainability reports that drive your business strategy. We work to understand your organization’s unique market position and stakeholder expectations for sustainability, and can demystify the alphabet soup of sustainability reporting standards.

Through careful orchestration of strategy, data, writing and design, your report will set your organization apart and include messaging that extends beyond a single document.

HL Strategy’s Sustainability Reporting Team Can Help:

Develop a Reporting Strategy

We help determine how reporting will best support your sustainability ambitions. Our collaborative process identifies what messages, format and structure best meet the needs of your most important stakeholders.
Produce a Report

We orchestrate the complex components of reporting - from project management, data collection, writing, design and print or web production, to materiality and assurance.
Extend the Reach of the Content

We can help plan and execute a strategy to extend the reach of your report. This may include promotion of the facts, figures and stories through a variety of channels from media relations, to social media to executive communications.

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