Public Engagement

Build Community Support Through Thoughtful Stakeholder Communications

Your organization is eager to pass an ordinance, build a large-scale development, or create a strategic plan for the future, and you need community input and support to make it happen. 

HL Strategy’s public engagement team will help you build a communications strategy to elicit stakeholder feedback and build community support.

Specifically, We Will Help Your Organization:

Craft the Story

Through a collaborative process, we will clarify the problem you are trying to solve, identify important milestones, and anticipate community objections to develop a clear, compelling narrative as the foundation for your public engagement strategy.

Understand Key Stakeholders

We will conduct a landscape analysis to identify key stakeholder groups and determine the most productive and impactful ways to engage them.

Develop Communication Materials

We will create materials to prepare you to engage in a thoughtful and productive dialogue with your stakeholders. Materials may include:

  • Websites
  • Mailers
  • Email communications
  • Text campaigns
  • Journalist outreach materials
  • Surveys
  • Spokesperson talking points
  • Presentations and FAQ documents

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